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At Justapedia Foundation, our mission is simple yet powerful: to preserve true knowledge and make it freely accessible to the entire world. We believe that information should be readily available to everyone, regardless of their background or resources. That's why we have dedicated ourselves to building an encyclopedia that is open to all and can be edited by anyone. 

We also place great importance on transparency and accountability. Every edit made on Justapedia is recorded, making it possible to track the evolution of articles and identify potential bias or inaccuracies. Our dedicated team of volunteer editors works tirelessly to review and verify contributions, ensuring that the encyclopedia maintains its commitment to quality and reliability.

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Our Mission

Neutrality and Objectivity

Our goal is to create a comprehensive and reliable source of information, one that reflects the collective knowledge of humanity. We strive to present objective and neutral articles that are based on corroborated factual information. By adhering to rigorous editorial standards, we aim to ensure that the content on Justapedia remains trustworthy and credible.

Benefits of Hindsight

Perspectives & Opinions

We understand that perspectives and opinions play a crucial role in shaping our understanding of the world. While our focus is on factual accuracy, we also recognize the importance of representing diverse viewpoints. Therefore, when opinions are included in an article, we make it a priority to present all significant views on a particular subject. This approach allows our readers to explore different perspectives and make informed decisions based on a range of information.

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Collaboration & Community

Collective Wisdom

At Justapedia, we value collaboration and community participation. We believe that knowledge is a collective endeavor, and by enabling anyone to contribute and edit articles, we harness the power of collective wisdom. By crowdsourcing the editing process, we can tap into the vast expertise and experiences of people from all walks of life, ensuring a richer and more comprehensive encyclopedia.

Explore, Learn, Contribute

Where knowledge knows no bounds.

Join us in our mission to preserve true knowledge for the betterment of humanity. Whether you are an expert in a specific field or simply passionate about learning and sharing knowledge, your contributions are invaluable. Together, we can create a global repository of information that empowers individuals, promotes understanding, and fosters intellectual growth.

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