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The Justapedia Foundation (JPF) is a Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization dedicated to providing and operating an open source, neutral and objective encyclopedia that will remain free to the world in perpetuity. Foundation headquarters at the time of origin are located in north Texas.  Betty Wills as founder, CEO/president, Christian Gribneau as CTO/vice president, and Ryan Stiles as secretary/treasurer, comprise the Board of Directors and subsequent Executive Committee that manages the Foundation and its programs, which at the time of its inception includes the English Justapedia.

The Foundation is dedicated to maintaining a friendly and welcoming community for its volunteers, and is looking forward to hosting fun educational activities, spirited debates and various sponsorships and endowments with the help of tax deductible donations. The Foundation envisions Justapedia continuing its mission to maintain and protect the spirit of objectivity and neutrality in its encyclopedic content as volunteers continue to add to the building blocks of true knowledge in perpetuity.



Our mission is to facilitate the creation, sharing, and dissemination of knowledge by providing the format, tools and environment that upholds the fundamental principles of neutrality, objectivity, and collegiality. By hosting and operating Justapedia, a free and open-source encyclopedia, we enable individuals to contribute to the collective wealth of human understanding while adhering to the highest standards of integrity, diversity and inclusivity.




Justapedia's purpose is to develop and maintain articles that: 
# are created and edited by editors with a good command of the English language;
# comply with Justapedia’s manual of style (JP:MOS), and are compliant with Justapedia's policies and guidelines (JP:PAG), particularly its core content policies concerning Justapedia:Biographies of living persons (JP:BLP); (JP:BLP), Justapedia:Neutral point of view (JP:NPOV), Justapedia:No original research (JP:NOR) and Justapedia:Verifiability (JP:NOR);    

# are fact-based, verifiable, corroborated and properly cited to reliable sources that are objectively chosen in an effort to include all significant views;  

# contain minimal opinions, corroborated statements of fact, but when opinion is included, it will be with properly cited sources using Justapedia:in-text attribution,  

# do not include breaking news as there will be a 7-day moratorium before any breaking news can be included.

Justapedia is a work in progress that began in October 2022 with content originating from Wikipedia, all properly attributed in compliance with their free CC-BY-SA license. The same free license also applies to revisions and new articles authored by Justapedia volunteers as noted in their page footer.




The Feature Showcase is a Justapedia project that includes gathering and listing freely licensed articles originally imported from Wikipedia that need to be fixed or entirely made over because they either lack objectivity and neutrality, or fail to comply with Justapedia's core content policies (JP:PAG). Such articles are considered a top priority, and will also be the source for articles used in the side-by-side comparisons on our main page. 

For an article to be featured on our main page requires editors to not only have a good command of English, but also a good understanding of:
  *objectivity and how best to present ALL significant views;
  *neutrality in choosing sources to cite for content, which can include biased sources, but extra points will be given for the      most objective and balanced sources;
  *the importance of strict adherence to Justapedia:Biographies of living persons (JP:BLP) policy. 


The articles will be judged by Justapedia's Editorial Review Board (JP:ERB), and when approved will be protected and stamped with the ERB's seal of approval, indicating it is a quality article with a special provision that requires pre-approval for future revisions and updates.

(Note: In light of Justapedia being in the early stages of development, the terms and procedures stated above are subject to change.)




Feature Showcase

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