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With the benefit of hindsight, Justapedia is restoring the spirit of objectivity and neutrality Wikipedia has long since lost. 

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Norman Fenton

Emeritus Professor of Risk,

Queen Mary University of London

Director of  Agena Ltd

It turns out that a very small clique of Wikipedia ‘editors’ have been responsible for ensuring that any member of the public looking to Wikipedia for information on the many legitimate concerns about the ‘official’ covid narrative will find nothing other than smears against those raising such concerns.

Jonathan Weiss

Wikipedia editor

If you’re the only one who’s not a Marxist on a page, you’re going to lose. It can quickly be disheartening.


Wikipedia editor

I've spent years working with Wikipedians. The culture drives some really good people away.

Sharyl Attkisson


Five-time Emmy Award winner,  recipient of the Edward R. Murrow award for investigative reporting

"Wikipedia is...broken," controlled by special interests and bad actors, says cofounder [Larry Sanger]
I've done quite a bit of reporting about how Wikipedia is definitely not "the encyclopedia anyone can edit." It's become a vehicle for special interests to control information. Agenda editors are able to prevent or revert edits and sourcing on selected issues and people in order to control the narrative.


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